About & Electronic Press Kit


Maurice Burgbacher is a music producer of electronic techno music. Since his childhood he is overwhelmed from this musical style. The different kinds of the electronic sounds fascinate him over and over again every day. His passion to “Trance”, “progressive House” and “Big Room” made him start creating his own music productions in 2014.

With the production of electronic music he compensated events that happened during the day. He even describes this as therapy in which he learned to process his experiences during the day.  For him it’s not about fame or popularity, but about the deep passion to electronic music. Each and every single music production tells a story which influenced him or moved him in either positive or negative ways. Some elements of his productions, most of all his melodies, show his unconditional passion for electronic music. 

Lately he decided to tell his story and in 2020 he released his first single with “Seveneves Records” called “Nightcrawler”. Further music productions were licenced by different record labels like “Silent Spece Records”, “Ultimative Music” and “Evitative Records”. In 2021 the publication of his works expanded to “Gain Records” and “Hungry Koala Records”. This shows that he has already gained international publicity.